Berlin Solo Impro 2023

Curating & organizing the 6th edition — check out the full lineup here:

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On tour with Cycling Rhythms

Travelling Co2-neutral by bike, we're touring the Brandenburg area, doing workshops and playing concerts in cities or cultural hotspots on the countryside:

4.9. Kyritz
6.9. Neuruppin
8.9. Wittstock
10.9. Klein-Leppin
11.9. Rathenow

Volker Meitz - keyboards
Hannes Huefken - bass
Boris Bell - drums, comp

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THE SHREDZ - "Orbit" album release!

Excited to announce the release of the third album by one of my favourite bands!
The trance of repetitive ensemble playing transported through "krauty" riddim-like structures paired with dub-jazzy collective improvisation and realtime processing.

Available on Bandcamp and all streaming services.


Dates in early 2023...

03.3. Meitz - Jazz in Boernicke

25.3. Christoph Titz - Bruyeres (BE)
26.3. Christoph Titz - Eschweiler, Talbahnhof
27.3. Christoph Titz - Köln, Salon de Jazz
28.3. Christoph Titz - Kassel, Theaterstübchen

01.4. Christoph Titz - Eupen (BE), Jünglingshaus

06.4. Christoph Titz - Berlin, A-Trane
07.4. Christoph Titz - Berlin, A-Trane
08.4. Christoph Titz - Berlin, A-Trane

20.4. HMM - Berlin, Rhinoceros

26.5. Christoph Titz - Büsseldorf, Jazz Rally
27.5. Christoph Titz - Detmold, Red Horn District

01.6. Grand Couloir - Berlin, B-Flat