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This DISCOGRAPHY includes works as a …

... Keyboarder.

Spiegelkabinett, on "Berlin Solo Impro Compilation" (2018)
Frobeat, Album (Marotymusic 2018)
Kreuzblendentraum, Album (WismART 2017)
Das Geld muss weg (feat. BRKN & Sway Clarke) Remix (Four Music / Sony 2017)
Live At Burg Wilhelmstein, Album (Marotymusic 2017)
Dream In Flames, EP (2017)
Bliss, Album (ACT 2016)
Heart Bleed Out . Album (Blackbird 2014)
Who’s Afraid Of Richard W.? Album (ACT 2013)
Reunion. Album (Sonarkollektiv 2013)
Live @ A-Trane Berlin. Album (Marotymusic 2013)
TONY BARBATO, 1961 (Alex Barck Remix), 2013
SQUARAMOUCHE, Belly Love EP (Nonine 2012)
Your Problem, on „Soul Electrified“ Album (DDIY 2012)
Haram Dei Haram Dei (Alex Barck Remix), on „Revisited & Remixed“ Album (SPV 2011)
P.DIDDY, Coming Home (Krauts Remix) (Universal 2011)
BEN WESTBEECH, Let Your Feelings Go, on „There’s More To Life Than This“ Album (Strictly Rhythm 2011)
JUNIOR JERO, Junior Allein zu Haus, auf „Psycho/Schizo“ Album (DDIY 2010)
GLORIA SCOTT, Live At Baltic Soul Weekender. Album (2009)
ANN SEXTON, Live At Baltic Soul Weekender. Album (2009)
ANN SEXTON & GLORIA SCOTT w/ Baltic Soul Orchestra, You're Losing Me / Help Me Get Off This Merry Go Round, 7" (Unique 2009)
DANIEL PAUL, Tuesdaymood, on "Nigh Shift" Album (Cabinet 2009)
SQUARAMOUCHE, First Raw. Album (Nonine 2008)
CLARA HILL’S FOLKWAVES, Be Like That & Interlude, on ''Sideways'' CD/LP (Sonarkollektiv 2007)
CLARA HILL, Once I know, on "Secret Love 3" Compilation (Sonarkollektiv 2006)
ANDRE ZIMMA, U Know Like, on "Turbulence EP" (Swedish Brandy 2006)
GEORG LEVIN, Heaven EP, 12“ (Sonarkollektiv 2005)
MOABEAT, Pheromone, on ''Dringlichkeit besteht immer'' CD (Newnoise/Labels/Virgin 2004)
ATTICA BLUES, The Quest (Dixon’s Not Released in 2001 Mix), on Jazzanova, „Mixing“ Album (Sonarkollektiv 2004)
ALESSANDRONI+PAUL+HONESTY, Equilibrium, on „Alessandroni+Paul+Honesty" CD (Crippled Dick Hot Wax 2004)
GEORG LEVIN, I'll Be, on ''Cant Hold Back'' CD/LP (Sonarkollektiv 2003)
SLOPE, Find Our Love, on ''M'' CD/LP (Sonarkollektiv 2003)
ME & MRS. BE, Questionnaire CD/LP (No Nine 2003)
BEN MONO, Juggling, on „Dual“ album (Compost 2003)
FRIED PRIDE, Norwegian Wood (Dixons’s Late Night Mix), on „Re-Notes“ Album (Victor 2003)
RAS, Do Your Dance (Dixon Remix), 12'' (Sonarkollektiv 2002)
TWICE, Ism, on ''Compost 100'' CD/LP (Compost 2002)
BALDUIN, Choose Cheese, 12'' (Crippled Dick Hot Wax 2002)
75 MOODS, D.T. (Dixons Alternative Version), on ''D.T.'' EP (Patt Recordings 2002)
FAUNA FLASH, Alone Again (Dixons Stripped Down Dub), on ''Fusion Remixes'' CD/LP (Compost 2001)
GEORG LEVIN, Keep On Makin Me High, on ''When Im With U'' 12'' (Sonarkollektiv 2001)
MITTE KARAOKE, Die Discofibel (Mitja Prinz Remix), 12" (Leaded 2001)
MICROFISH, Keen, 12'' (Sonarkollektiv 2001)
MARCUS WORGULL, Azteca (Dixons Alternative Environmix), on ''Ole EP'' (Spectrum Works 2001)
TAXI, People Come Runnin (Dixons Alternative Version), 12'' (Infracom 2000)
BEANFIELD, The Great Outsight (Dixon Remix), 12“ (Compost 2000)
CALM, People From The Sun And The Earth (Dixon Remix), 12“ (Wave 2000)
FEMI KUTI, Beng Beng Beng (Dixons AVDC Mix), on ''Shoki Remixed'' CD/LP (Barclay 2000)
JAZZANOVA, Tres Bien, ''More Bossa'' (Europe) / ''Bossa Mundo'' (U.S.) CD/LP (Yellow / Wave 2000)

... Producer.

MEITZ, Reicht, on „Twenty+ Years“ Compilation (Infracom 2014)
JULIA NOACK, Sudden Twist (MEITZ REMIX), (Timezone 2011)
4 HERO / SONAR KOLLEKTIV ORCHESTER, Universal Love, on „Extensions" Album (Raw Canvas 2009)
SOFI HELLBORG, My Love (MEITZ REMIX), on „It’s OK Now / My Love Remixes“ (Ajabu! 2009)
ENSEMBLE DU VERRE, Ra (MEITZ 100% Recycle REMIX), on "Sanctuary For Animals Remixed" Album (Batterie 2008)
SONAR KOLLEKTIV ORCHESTER, "Guaranteed Niceness" Album (Sonarkollektiv 2008)
SONAR KOLLEKTIV ORCHESTER, "10 Years" Maxi-CD (Sonarkollektiv 2007)
CLARA HILL’S FOLKWAVES, Be Like That, on ''Sideways'' CD/LP (Sonarkollektiv 2007)
PHONIQUE, Trouble and Work It Out, on "Good Idea" DoCD (Dessous 2007)
SLOPE, Find Our Love (MEITZ Acoustic Replay) on "Slope Is Dope" CD/LP (Sonarkollektiv 2006)
MATTHIAS VOGT TRIO, Expecting Repercussions (MEITZ Leichtwaden-REMIX), 12'' (Infracom 2006)
MEITZ, Mandelbrot (Full Length Version), on "Home Cooking" Compilation (Sonarkollektiv 2006)
CLARA HILL, What For and Run, on ''All I Can Provide'' CD/LP (Sonarkollektiv 2006)
JAZZ INDEED, "Blaue Augen" CD (ACT 2005)
LLAVA, No Greater Love (MEITZ REMIX), 12'' (Mole Listening Pearls 2005)
PHONIQUE, Still Dancin / Still Loungin 12“ (Pokerflat 2004)
BEAT CLUB 21, Are You (MEITZ REMIX), 12'' (Infracom 2003)
CITY OF GOD REMIXED, Morte do Zé Pequeno (MEITZ REMIX), CD/LP (Crippled Dick Hot Wax 2003)
PHONIQUE, Fake It (MEITZ REMIX), 12'' (Dessous Rec. 2003)
DANIEL MAGG, Yiy Imbizo, on ''Facets'' CD/LP (Compost 2003)
MEITZ, Vertikal, CD/LP (Infracom 2003)
MEITZ, Zwakalani, 12'' (Infracom 2003)
MEITZ, Oktarin, on ''Deep Chords Compilation'' (Lab Rec. 2002)
PEACE ORCHESTRA, Marakesch (MEITZ REMIX), on "Reset'' CD/LP (G-Stone 2002)
CHARI CHARI, Life In Flow Motion (MEITZ REMIX), on ''Flow Dub remix album'' (Ultima Rec. 2002)
PHONIQUE, Jazzy Vibe (MEITZ REMIX), 12'' (Komfort Musik 2002)
THE SUN SHIPP, Right (MEITZ REMIX), 12'' (La Roisiere Rec. 2002)
MISSUS BEASTLY, Geisha (MEITZ REMIX), 12'' (Crippled Dick Hot Wax 2002)
MAHAGON, Divka S Jablky (MEITZ REMIX), on ''Iron Curtain Revisited'' CD/LP (Crippled Dick Hot Wax 2002)
DANIEL PAUL, Outa Space (MEITZ REMIX), 12'' (Sonarkollektiv 2001)
ART KONIK, Ming Park (MEITZ REMIX), 12'' (Comet Rec. 2001)
MEITZ, Get On Up / Mandelbrot, 12'' (Sonarkollektiv 2001)
MEITZ, Phasen, on ''Bogaloo Compilation'' (Spinning Wheel 2001)
MEITZ, Africa Remixes, 12'' (Sonarkollektiv 2000)
SPACE CLIQUE, Exit#1: Luna Park (MEITZ REMIX), 12'' (Spinning Wheel 2000)
WEIZ, Hold The Line (MEITZ REMIX), Maxi-CD (BMG 2000)
MEITZ, Africa EP, 12'' (Sonarkollektiv 1999)
TERRA INCOGNITA, Hedonistic, on „Delicious Doughnuts Compilation Vol.2“ (Jazzanova Rec. 1997)