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Projekt Rhinow im Café Niesen
Last time for this year!

Dirk Steglich - ts
Anders Grop - b
Rainer Winch - dr
V.M. - keys

Beginn 20h pünktlich!!

Eric Schaefer & The Shredsz Rundfunk-Mitschnitt
Der Mitschnitt vom Konzert auf dem Würzburger Jazzfestival wird vom Bayerischen Rundfunk gesendet:
am Mittwoch, 13.11. auf BR Klassik, 23:05 bis 0:00 Uhr.

Alex Barck’s Album Reunion out on Sonarkollektiv
The album by Alex Barck (of Jazzanova fame), to which I contributed keyboards on four tracks, just came out this october.
You can order & pre-listen to it here

Upcoming Events im Herbst

8.11. Eric Schaefer & The Shredsz / Bayreuth, Glashaus

16.10. Erik Penny (im Duo) / Berlin, Schokoladen
23.10. Eric Schaefer & The Shredsz / Berlin, A-Trane
24.10. Eric Schaefer & The Shredsz / Karlsruhe, Jazzclub
26.10. Eric Schaefer & The Shredsz / Darmstadt, Stadtkirche
27.10. Eric Schaefer & The Shredsz / Würzburg, Jazzfestival

27.9. Eric Schaefer & The Shredsz / Leipzig, Jazztage
28.9. Christoph Titz / Viersen, Jazzfest
29.9. Christoph Titz / Aachen, Dumont
30.9. Christoph Titz / Köln, Nachtschwärmer

(30.9. - 4.10. Workshop / Berlin, Haus der Jugend Zehlendorf)
... ist leider verschoben worden...

1.9. mit Turbine William im Amphitheater
im Monbijou-Park in Berlin-Mitte
Turbine William macht Improvisations-Theater, und ich werde Teil der musikalischen Untermalung sein.
Es wird spannend und bestimmt auch lustig!

Projekt Rhinow im Cafe Niesen
Die Rückkehr nach der Sommerpause!
Diesmal neuer Ort: Café Niesen, Schwedter - Ecke Korsörer Str. (Prenzl’Berg)

Anders Grop - b
Rainer Winch - dr
V.M. - orgel

Beginn 20h (pünktlich, wegen der Nachbarn)

16.-18. August -
Christoph Titz x3
Drei Konzerte im A-Trane mit der Christoph Titz Band:
Christoph Titz - tp
Thomas Büchel - g
Willem van Dijk - b
Matthias Trippner - dr
icke - keys

(Juli 2013)... Check out some snippets from last month’s concert by
Eric Schaefer & The Shredsz @ Jazzopen, Hamburg

29. Juni - playing with Songwriter
Erik Penny
In Berlin at Chez Penny.
Singer / Songwriter business from the USA! I also played on a few tracks from the man’s forthcoming album.
Concert with full band, will be fun!

.... und am selben Tag habe ich die Ehre, mit
Astrid North zu spielen. Nachmittags auf dem
Bergmannstraßenfest, 17h, Bühne Mehringdamm.
Ebenfalls mitspielen tut dann hoffentlich das Wetter...

Projekt Rhinow feat. Jelena Kuljic on May 24
At Linda Carrell, 21h.

The awesome Jelena Kuljic and the complete original Projekt Rhinow rhythm section.
Going to perform some very own versions of pop & jazz tunes:

Jelena Kuljic (voc & fx)
Anders Grop (b)
Rainer Winch (dr)
and myself on keys

17. Mai - mit
Ange da Costa auf dem Karneval der Kulturen
Bühne Parkplatz der Poco-Domäne, Blücherstr. / U-Bhf Mehringdamm
Beginn 20:45, 90 min. Konzert mit kompletter Band.

Projekt Rhinow
on April 27
At Linda Carrell, 21h.
This time it’s going to be more jazzy, partly improvised even -- and not as loud as last time ;-P

Kalle Kalima (g)
Daniel Cordes (b)
Rainer Winch (dr)
and myself on organ

Yakou Tribe’s
new album „100% Results“

Jan von Klewitz (as), Kai brückner (g), Johannes Gunkel (b) and Rainer Winch (dr) released their new album on Traumton Records this March.
I had the honor to record and mix it =)

Horn Section Business with
Projekt Rhinow on March 28

This month’s motto is Funk to Souljazz, and due to the Easter holiday, on a Thursday this time!!
At Linda Carrell, 21h.
Ben Abarbanel Wolff (ts)
Christoph Titz (tp)
Friedrich Milz (tb)
Roland Fidezius (b)
Julian Külpmann (dr)
and myself on keys

EP by FP2K

Fülbier (dr) / Poser (org) / Klewitz (as) / Koch (g) with their abbreviated band name FP2K have recently released some tunes which were mixed by me. Check them out here.
The guys will be playing a couple of concerts in Berlin this spring...

Feb. 2013 -
Christoph Titz

With trumpeter Christoph Titz @ Studio Upstream on the 16th !
It’s a live concert, although the word „studio“ might indicate something else ;-)

BTW here’s a link of last year’s concert snippets shot at A-Trane, Berlin:

Projekt Rhinow strikes again on February 23rd,
this time featuring
Esther Cowens (voc)
Anders Grop (b), Jan Zimmermann (dr) and myself.
As usual at Linda Carrell.


Jan. 2013 - Eric Schaefer’s new album

I’m happy to announce that Eric Schaefer’s record „Who’s Afraid of Richard W.?“, on which I played the keyboards, will be released by ACT records on January 25th.
It’s a quartet album of great sonic variety, drawing on the works of Richard Wagner - further collaborators being Tom Arthurs (tp) and John Eckhardt (b). The recordings took place at the famous Hansa Studios. After all, this year it’ll be Wagner’s 200th birthday, so hopefully we’ll get to play a couple of concerts in an appropriate context ;-)

You can pre-listen the whole album (and also order it) here

Dates that have turned up so far:
18.1. Essen, JOE Festival
14.3. Dresden, Tonne
15.3. München, Unterfahrt
26.4. Bremen, Jazzahead
25.5. Berlin, Dussmann
23.6. Hamburg, Jazz Open @ Planten un Blomen
1./2.7. Nürnberg, „Nürnberg Spielt Wagner“ Festival
27.9. Leipzig, Jazztage
23.10. Berlin, A-Trane
24.10. Karlsruhe, Jazzclub
25.10. Hamburg, Überjazz (tbc)
26.10. Darmstadt, Stadtkirche
27.10. Würzburg, Jazzfest
8.11. Bayreuth, Jazzherbst (tbc)
9.11. Burghausen, Jazzwoche (tbc)

December 2012

Diesen Monat gibt’s gleich zweimal Projekt Rhinow @ Linda Carrell:
8.12. feat. Esther Cowens
Esther Cowens (voc), Clemens Koch (git), Tayfun Schulzjke (perc) & V.M. (keys)
22.12. feat. Ricarda Ulm (Xmas Special)
Ricarda Ulm (voc), Dirk Steglich (sax/flute/clarinet), -tba- (bass), Rainer Winch (drums) & V.M. (keys)


November 2012
Projekt Rhinow @ Linda Carrell
special line-up: Ein Trommler wird von zwei Keyboards in die Zange genommen ;-P
Benny Lackner - wurlitzer piano
Julian Külpmann - drums
V.M. - organ

Diesen Monat spiele ich mit Chima auf seiner „Merkst Du Was“-Tour in Deutschland:
17.11. Nürnberg, NRJ Music Tour
18.11. München, Ampère
19.11. Stuttgart, Universum
20.11. Göppingen, KIKA
21.11. Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof
22.11. Köln, Luxor
23.11. Dortmund, FZW


October 2012
Projekt Rhinow’s return after the summer break! The „regulars“ are missing this time; sporting some other great cats instead:
Nikolaus Neuser (tp), Boris Meinhold (g), Tom Auffarth (b), Robert Mummendey (dr), and myself on keys.
@ Linda Carrell


September 2012
A couple more dates for Autumn:

15.9. Mainz / ZDF Kulturzelt-Festival
19.10. Osnabrück / Haus der Jugend
20.10. Berlin / NRJ Fashion Night

Christoph Titz
24.10. Köln / Heimathirsch
25.10. Aachen / Center TV
26.10. Aachen / Jazz Im Park

Ricarda Ulm
6.11. Berlin / Bertelsmann
1.12. Berlin / Adlershof
9.12. Schwaan


August 2012
Recorded an album with drummer Eric Schäfer at the famous Hansa Studios, Berlin - involving lots of effects and vintage keyboards, even a Celeste ;)
Other Sidemen were Tom Arthurs (tp) and John Eckhardt (b). The album will be released on ACT in January 2013.


July 2012
Producing a song with Clara Hill and Mira Mode Orchestra for Clara’s next album. After recording the whole Orchestra in my humble new location last month, we’re now doing some editing and mixing.


June 2012
Some more dates for upcoming concerts & TV shows this summer:

02.6. Johannesburg (SA), Drumbeat Festival

10.6. ZDF Fernsehgarten
20.6. Köln / Tanzbrunnen, c/o pop
22.6. Berlin / Fan-Meile (Brandenburger Tor)
29.6. Osterburg / Made in Germany Open Air (tbc)
30.6. Sigmaringen Open Air
07.7. Bochum / 1 live (Bochum Total)
03.8. Bad Oeynhausen / Parklichter
04.8. Saarbrücken / Radio Salü
18.8. Berlin / Wuhlheide RS2 Off Air

Mark Forster
12.6. Berlin, Parochialkirche / Verleihung Deutscher Schulpreis (ARD/Phoenix live)

Susanne Folk
03.7. Berlin, B-Flat

Christoph Titz
13.7. Berlin, A-Trane
14.7. Berlin, A-Trane
15.7. Berlin, A-Trane


May 2012
This month, Projekt Rhinow will be featuring vocals for the first time - special guest Lisa Bassenge. 26.5. @ Out Of Nippon Cafe

Due to the ever increasing gentrification, I’ve been forced to relocate my studio!
Had to move out a little bit from PrenzlBerg to Pankow. Instead of an old loft, I’m now residing in a GDR-Style concrete block instead of an old loft (like I used to). Interesting: I just found out that it formerly belonged to the headquartes of the STASI (the GDR’s infamous German Secret Service). Maybe I should rename to STASI Studio...? Or maybe not ;-P


April 2012

This month, Projekt Rhinow will be featuring Taiko Saito on vibraphone... 28.4. @ Out Of Nippon Cafe

We had a full house at the previous Rhinow concert - woodwind mania from Soprano to Alto, plus 3x Clarinets ;-)
... with Jan von Klewitz, Dirk Steglich and Silke Eberhard.
A sample of the encore (incl. Dieter Irber sitting in) is here


February 2012
Projekt Rhinow will be playing regular concerts in Berlin at Out Of Nippon once a month! Next date to be saved is March 3rd. Looking forward!


January 2012
Will be one of the teachers at the Haus der Jugend Zehlendorf band workshop at the end of the month, together with Kai Brückner (g), Matthias Manzke (sax), Daniel Oertel (voc), Andreas Walter (b) and Rainer Winch (dr).December 2011
Played a concert in Beijing with Clara Hill. (Since some original musicians couldn’t make it, we took the rhythm section of Mira Mode Orchestra, very nice guys Felix & Friedemann). Anyway - all the way to China for just two days, what a trip! Our hosts were amazing, too, so I hope to be back sometime...!

October 2011
The newly formed Projekt Rhinow are playing their debut concert on the 20th at the Out Of Nippon Café in Berlin. Personnel: Caroline Siegers (violin), Anders Grop (bass), Rainer WInch (perc) and myself on keys. Whatch out for more gigs to come.

August 2011
Playing a few gigs with Didges Brew in Graz, Berlin and Biesenthal...
Video 1 Video1

July 2011
Doing some recording sessions with Riga. Fine acoustic pop by Anna Holmes and Benjamin Schlez.
myspace page

June 2011
Recorded Esther Cowens for the new album by the French band ASM. Nice chaps (the latter) and one of my favourite singers (the former) ;-)

May 2011
Did a couple of Keyboard sessions with the Krauts for their production of the new solo album by Adel Tawil (Ich & Ich) and Miss Platnum

Going to play two gigs with Mark Forster this month, supporting Edo Zanki in Berlin & Hamburg. Great German pop music!

April 2011
Laid down some Keyboards for upcoming tracks by Alexander Barck (of Jazzanova fame), among which is a remix for the reknowned German Popol Vuh.

March 2011
Mixing the new Yakou Tribe album... great tunes with excellent playing served by the Sirs Brückner / Klewitz / Gunkel / Winch.


Did a remix for Twana Rhodes which is to accompany the release of her current album „Home“ (Warner).


The local jazz trio Heniu recorded their new album at my studio earlier this week. Just finishing off the mixdowns. Great tunes with an earthy sound.
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Just finished a Meitz Remix for singer/songwriter Julia Noack, to be released on Timezone Records this spring.
myspace page

Was in the studio with The Krauts recently and had some fun - playing piano for their upcoming remix for Puff Daddy... can you dig it!


Just returned from NYC (with minimum jetlag!). Was there for a week for the first reading of Verona Place. Great cast & creative team, I had a blast! =o)

October 2010 - Composing music for New York based musical play
I’m involved in composing the music for the New York City based musical „Verona Place“ by writer Nathan Yungerberg. Will be going to NYC for the first reading end of the month.

September 2010 - Heavy Mellow Quartet to back up international artists at Smooth Jazz Festival 2010
Having been the backing band for various artists at Smooth Jazz Festivals 2008 & 2009, we’re happy to be part of the 2010 edition in Augsburg from September 24 to 26. This time we’ll be accompanying Rick Braun, Chuck Loeb, David Benoit and Shilts.

Heavy Mellow Quartet will also be playing with Rick Braun at the Szopot Jazz Festival in Poland on October 9.

August 2010
I’m pretty much re-wriring and re-organizing my studio at the moment, for more flexibility but also to incorporate new gear. WIll be done end of the month, after that I’m ready for some more productions both third party and own stuff.